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Mike Fontana


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Mike Fontana provides a unique skill set to his executive coaching clients:

  • Coach, Management Consultant, and Licensed Psychotherapist
  • Organizational Systems expert
  • Over two decades as a hands-on business executive in the corporate world

With these diverse career paths woven into a dynamic knowledge base, Mike is especially qualified to coach his clients through today's turbulent markets and help individuals and corporations manage change and lead more effectively.  We all have blind spots that keep us stuck in behavioral patterns producing the same old results.  Mike is particularly adept at uncovering and revealing these sticking points and helping his clients open up new paths for both leadership and personal growth.

left double quotation markAs a corporate consultant and leadership adviser to senior and C-suite executives, I help corporate leaders convert underutilized human resources into positive assets that are concentrated on achieving their strategic mission.  My primary focus: the interpersonal relationships that occur within organizational systems, as well as looking beyond daily routines, personality and corporate cultural issues to pinpoint underlying patterns and processes that need to be transformed or modified.right double quotation mark


As a consultant, adviser and coach, Mike understands the stresses felt by most senior managers and executives in a variety of industries, and he has specialized expertise in banking and finance. He knows how to reduce stress and solve problems – and has extensive experience helping turn negative patterns into positive change.

A flexible, results-oriented approach

  • Using 90-day goal cycles to assess individual and team values and strategies, Mike customizes an action plan for each individual leader and team, then coaches both one-on-one and in small groups.  
  • By combining a systemic overview with personality assessments, cognitive awareness development and solution-based strategies, Mike helps staff members at all levels improve their personal interactions – not just with other colleagues, but with clients and strategic partners as well.  
  • Mike is very gifted at establishing trust and helping executives build self-awareness and make behavioral changes.  
  • The end result?  Improved communication, clearer strategic visions, and collaboration and delegation, both horizontally and vertically – along with greater job satisfaction and increased productivity.

Background highlights

  • Masters in Business Management and Organizational Development
  • Masters in Systemic Psychotherapy (MFT)
  • Former General Manager of international technology company and SVP, Sales and Marketing for successful engineered products start-up  
  • Certified in multiple coaching assessment tools and therapeutic methods
  • Memberships in many professional organizations, including:
    • International Coaching Federation
    • Institute of Coaching at McLean/Harvard – Founding Member
    • American Association of Consulting Psychologists
    • Association for Coaching (AC)

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